The Balance Model and the Balance Mode

Welcome to the Balance Mode. In order to understand the Balance Mode, we must first understand the Balance Model. It was developed in Germany by the psychotherapist, Nossrat Peseschkian, during the 1970s. The Balance Model relates to the balance between the four areas of life:
The body and its health,
Work and achievement or success,
Contacts with family and friends and
The future, our belief systems, ideas about this life and the next.
Peseschkian stated that we could maintain good physical and mental health, function productively, have good relations with family and friends and grow spiritually if we could keep a balance between these four areas. That is the Balance Model.
To live in the Balance Mode means to live according to the Balance Model and to bring ourselves back into balance whenever we need to give one area more attention at the expense of the others for a time.
Since I was young, children have been learning about mauintaining physical health in school but there has been precious little attention given to our mental health. This website and blog was set up as a place for sharing ideas about how to strengthen ourselves in the four areas of life, particularly the last three and as a nucleus for participation in the organization and courses where young people can learn to be Balance Moders.